An ode to MÁDARA

I have been a HUGE fan of the Latvian organic skincare company, Mádara, for quite a while already. And that’s the biggest reason for this blog post! 🤩 And for everyone to know – this post is not sponsored or neither it is an ad. Everything written here is based on my honest opinion and on my experiences with using their products!

Mádara Cosmetics was founded in 2006 in Latvia, and it offers a wide range of ECOCERT/Cosmos certified cosmetics, based on pure Northern ingredients, refined to their highest effectiveness.

I have used different Mádara Cosmetics products I think probably 5 years already. Of course, during those years I have found products that are my absolute favorites and also some products that I have enjoyed, but I am not sure I would buy them again.

What I am using now?

I will start with the products, that are in my everyday routine right now. And for the record, the items I have right now, are the items that I have owned also before – so they are my all-time favorites! (Ok, there are more, but unfortunately, I am out of some of my other fave items, which I am going to order at the weekend, as Black Friday prices are amazing! 🤟🏻)

1. Mádara Cleansing Milk with calming Jasmine

My ‘must-have’ product before going to sleep! This cleansing milk is suitable for all skin types, and it is very relieving! I love how it moisturizes & cleans the skin. I use it to remove makeup, as well as just to clean the face before going to sleep. It is great either way!

The product itself is 100% natural, and 17% organic.

2. Mádara Balance Birch Algae Facial Soap

Also, a product that is a part of my everyday routine. My every morning starts with washing my face with the birch soap and it also ends with that. The soap is made with birch and algae vitamins and is richened with wheat germ oil. I love how the soap gently cleans the face and how it foams when it is massaged to the skin.

Mádara Birch Soap & Cleansing Milk
3. Mádara Comforting Toner

Well, it now has new branding, but the product is the same. The toner is something that I don’t use actually every day. When I have been only outside in the forest or near to my house and I haven’t put on any makeup, then I am not used to using it in the evenings. But every time I have some kind of makeup on me, even if it is only mascara, then I am using it before hitting the bed.

This product is 99% natural, and 6% organic.

4. Mádara Micellar Water Hyaluronic Acid

This is also a product that I am using every night, before going to sleep. It cleans very smoothly and at the same time hyaluronic acid, aloe and antioxidants are balancing the skin, giving it a fresh look. It is also something that feels so ‘light’ and comforting on the skin.

This product is 100% natural, 16% organic.

Mádara Comforting Toner & Micellar Water
5. Mádara Smart Anti-Fatigue Urban Moisture Fluid

Again – a product, that I probably couldn’t imagine my mornings without! Amazingly deeply moisturizing day cream, for active people. It protects skin and makes it fresh, caffeine energizes the skin and the vitamins are holding away from the stress of the skin – I think it is amazing what one cream can offer! 😍

I have tried different day creams, but this is something that I find suits me the best because it is very ‘airy’. I like how after putting it on my skin, I only feel that the skin is smoother. It is also great under the makeup.

This product is 100% natural and 18% organic.

6. Mádara The Concealer Luminous Perfecting Concealer

I have never believed in concealers. As I have tried at least 6 different companies concealers – and well, sorry, but I haven’t liked any of them… 🥺 Well, the tones have been right, but in my opinion, those other ones haven’t filled their task… But This Mádara concealer – omg!

When I first tried it, I must admit – I was very suspicious, as I didn’t think much of the concealers. But this one changed my life! 😅 Now I rarely even use foundation! As I have rather clear and normal skin, then I don’t need much on a daily basis, so I mostly use makeup because of the dark circles under my eyes, and this concealer is just amazing on them!

Mádara Smart Moisture Fluid & The Concealer
7. Mádara Anti-Cellulite Cream

Well, this is also something that is not my first bottle. 😃 Of course, I have no pic and proof, of how it is working, but it has smoothed my skin on the thighs, and this has been the reason why I have already my third bottle. I really feel it is helping and as I have a child, then I feel that it is also essential for my thighs too. 😊

Mádara Anti-Cellulite Cream
What else I have tried?
1. Hemp Hemp Lip Balm & Plum Plum Lip Balm

THE best lip balms! Seriously! I have had one Hemp Balm and two times I have had the Plum – and both of them are so my favorites! Hemp is just amazing for the dry and chapped lips. And Plum is with an amazing scent and oh how soft it makes the lips!

Mádara Hemp Hemp Lip Balm & Plum Plum Lip Balm
2. Mádara Sun Flower – Tinting Fluid, travel size & Anti-Pollution CC Cream with SPF15

The Sun Flower tinting fluid was one of the items, that I didn’t find so well matching with my skin. The bottle was nice, for taking with you, but this kind of toning day cream maybe just isn’t my thing… 🤷🏼‍♀️

The CC cream I actually liked, as it was also very light and smooth on the skin. But if I think about the coverage, then I liked the concealer more.

Sun Flower Tinting Fluid & CC Cream
3. Mádara Herbal Deodorant & Charcoal Detox Soap

This Herbal deodorant is also a must-have!! I have tried also a huge amount of deodorants, and I haven’t found anything better. Even right after shaving, it is possible to use it, without making the skin itchy or hurtful.

The charcoal soap is so deeply cleaning the face, that after every use it feels like a small spa-time or like a daily moisturizing mask.

Mádara Herbal Deodorant & Charcoal Soap
4. Mádara Grow Volume Shampoo, Grow Volume Conditioner, 3-Minute Growth-Boost Scalp Treatment

I tried them all together, and well of course again, I can’t say how much it helped my hair to grow, but I liked that after using them for a while, then my hair felt really healthy and shiny. But as with many natural and organic products, they didn’t have very appealing scent. So I am not using them anymore, but when I feel that my hair are again in the need of some more vitality, then I will take the cure again!

Mádara Grow Shampoo & Conditioner, Boost Scalp Treatment

Oh, long story short – there are also so-so many products that I really love & also so many products that I would like to try (exactly 7 🤩). And I definitely will try them all. Maybe not all right now, but definitely in the future! 😍

PS! They have amazing Black Friday offers also til 30.11. 🙌🏻

Triinu ∞

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