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So, I am not sure how many people, who are reading my blog, are also following me on Instagram, but those who do, they probably know that I really like hookahs! So I decided to make a post about my favorite hookah places in Tallinn & in Riga! So this post is for the hookah-people!😝

So for the starters – this is definitely a little affected post. Why? Because I have a shisha at home also. I have this amazingly cute RED(!!!) Bacco pipe – check it out yourself! They are so pretty and fancy. And what’s more important? They are so comfy to take along, read – everywhere possible, I have that hookah with me! 😏

I love the quality of that hookah, the appearance, and also – the taste of the shisha is so much more abundant! 😍

My fancy Red Bacco pipe ❀️

Especially when you are used to doing the regular Turkish hookah, you will taste the difference pretty well. And of course, this post is totally based on my opinion and everything also depends on the master, but here are my fave places in Tallinn:

1. Butterfly Lounge

So the first place, where I like to go in the summer is Butterfly Lounge, as they are serving Bacco pipes over there! πŸ’― This is a cocktail lounge in the Old Town of Tallinn, which by the way was the first cocktail lounge in here when they were founded in 2010.

The minus on that place is that they only serve shishas outside, so as long as the weather is fine, there is a possibility to do it there. Otherwise, it is not possible.

As I already wrote, then I like Bacco because of the taste. As the hookahs themselves are smaller than usual hookahs, and also the water bottle is smaller, then the smoke journey is shorter and it gives the fuller taste of it!

The price of the hookah over there is very reasonable – 15€, and the refill is 10€. With Bacco pipes, it is not very good to change only the coal, so the refill means, that you can also choose a new flavor for the shisha! 😌

One round lasts about 40-50min, so basically it is the same as with regular pipes. As after an hour or so, in my opinion, the taste of the shisha is not the same tasty anymore.

Bacco pipes @ Butterly Lounge vol 1

Oh, just look at those hookahs.. 😍

2. Magnet Lounge

One really cool shisha place on the edge of Porto Franco is called Magnet Lounge. It is a very stylish and nice place to go to enjoy the great shishas. What I love about them, is that they have really great choices of tobacco and nicely thought through the mixes of the tobacco. So even when you are not sure what taste you would like, there are some cool and exotic flavors mixed, where everyone should find their favorite!

And it is available throug the year – so whenever you feel like doing a hookah – it is the place to go! ✌🏻

The price range for the shishas is starting from 14€ and the tobacco choice is very wide! 🀩 As they are having the regular pipes, then over here it is possible to ask for new coals.

Picture taken from Magnet Lounge Facebook
3. Suveterrass

A humble and chill place to also enjoy the shisha throughout the year. They have a really nice terrace, where there are many heaters – so it is possible to enjoy the shisha outside also when it is a little colder.

But they also are doing the hookahs inside and in their really cool winter garden, so there are many choices! πŸ™ŒπŸ»

They also have often some cool exotic flavors and when there is working the shisha master Christjan, then you can be sure that he will make you one really tasty hookah to enjoy!

Prices of the shisha are also variable, starting from 18€.

Picture taken from Suveterrass Facebook
4. Bogi Hookah Place Tallinn

A small but cozy hookah place, with very well trained staff. They know very much about the shishas, and they also have very many different tobaccos, what you cannot find anywhere else in Tallinn. A hookah and a tea is a must over there! 😏 You can check out more about this place over here.

So these four are my favorite places if you are out and about the get some shisha! 😝

But I actually have got pretty good shishas also from MySushi & Varblane, but in those places, the hookah have been rather expensive – in my opinion, the okay price for the shisha is 15€-20€. So these other two places have more expensive hookahs, but they were also tasty!

My fave hookah places in Riga

So as the last two years I spent pretty often in Riga, then I surely did go to different hookah places over there too. And there are three places, where I really liked the shisha. So if you are in Riga, I would recommend to visit these cool hookah places:

1. Hookah Place Riga

Fancy, great service, and really great hookahs! The staff in Hookah Place Riga was very cool, and I liked that there was much light, and also a possibility to play board games! ✌🏻 Although I am not sure what was the price of the hookah over there… πŸ€”πŸ˜… But I guess it was in the middle of 15-20€ – so basic price. πŸ™‚ (Also mentioned already in my previous post)

2. Calliano

So in this hookah place, called Calliano, I have been very many times, as it was near to the shopping center Galleria Riga, so it was pretty much all the time on my way home. I liked to sit over there from time to time, just to chill and enjoy a great shisha. One minus was that it was very dark all the time over there, so it was pretty hard to do some work stuff over there… But it was still doable. πŸ™‚

And actually, I have visited 2 shisha places more over there, but one was nothing special.. and the other one – I just don’t remember.. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

PS! Smoking hookah is not good for your health. Hookahs are full of chemicals, and they’re addicting, just like cigarettes. With this post, I am not suggesting you smoke or go try out these places. The blogpost is just based on my opinions, as I, sometimes like to spice up my evenings with hookah. Find out more about the harms of the hookah from the World Health Organization webpage or example here.

Triinu ∞

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