New York Part II

Long time, no see! 😱 In my previous post I promised to take the New York trip onto different posts. Mostly because there are so many cool places to write about… And so much will not be written about of course. The posts are probably most valuable to people, who plan to visit New York, and who would like to get some suggestions! πŸ—½

”Somewhere between living and dreaming, there’s New York City… ”

Ika Natassa
Between living & dreaming… πŸ’­

And now, let’s continue the story with my new late-night places in the city. Of course, mentioning again – as I have been in NY before, there are so many more places I would recommend, but these posts are fully based on only this visit. 🀩

The Blond

The Blond is a great cocktail bar, located in Soho, 11 Howard hotel. It is a very stylish and cozy bar, with great cocktails and DJs. Those times we went there, the music and cocktails were great and they were kinda packed. So the party vibes were totally on! πŸ₯³ We had so much fun there, well except the first night. πŸ˜… (Who knows, knows πŸ˜‚ πŸ₯²)

In the evenings it is thoughtful to do a reservation up there because it tends to be full then. But if you don’t mind the bar area and the dancefloor then you will be fine anytime. πŸ€“

πŸ’• πŸ’•

Somewhere Nowhere NY

Definitely one of my favorite Rooftop Lounges from now on is the Somewhere Nowhere NYC! The view from there… Of I just cannot put it into the words. It is just perfect. Like NY itself. πŸ₯²

This gem is hidden near the Flatiron District, on 112 W 25th St. And it doesn’t only have a nightclub, it also has a lounge part and a rooftop pool. How perfect is that? 😏

The nightclub is perfect for the party animals. From Thursday to Sunday the party goes on until 4 am with different DJs, cocktails and as already mentioned – perfect view. The dancefloor is pretty big and those times I went there, the DJs played great playlists!

And as regular, there are also promoters. So ladies, if you need a great and reliable promoter you can HMU. πŸ€™

Somewhere Nowhere tourist pic πŸ€“

PS! And when the DJ played Alicia Keys – Empire State of Mind… Oh, it was just so perfect! πŸ₯Ί

Little Sister

Welcome to the East Side! Little Sister is a cocktail lounge on the East Village, 112 E 11th St. This is like a underground intimate place, with a hint of history. As they say themselves – it is under psychedelic lightning & it will be something that you won’t forget soon. 😈

I would say that this is well said! This place has its’ charm, and this is a place so different from the other places. The vibes over there were something else. So if you want to visit and see the nightlife with a little hint of the 19th century and mystery then it is your place to go! 🀩

Little Sister NY

Sins of Sapphire

The Sins are not all bad. 😈 Or what do you think?!

I think I don’t have to write long in here. Check out Sins of Sapphire homepage if I got you interested. Probably one the best music at whole times and there was also really fast table service. Located near Midtown, 333 E 60th St, if you dare – go and check this place out! πŸ”₯

Noir NY

Noir NY is a club in so-called Dream Downtown, on 357 W 16th St. It was a club, which seemed to be fully packed all the time! The dancefloor was rather small and pretty sticky on the first floor. But it is usual for a club of course… πŸ˜…

After checking their homepage myself, I was actually surprised to see that it looked so nice and they also have a dinner and brunch menu. On the weekend night, it seemed more ordinary… 😁😁

A little party never killed anybody… 🎡 Noir NY


Okay. This one is a little different. Pergola is actually a Mediterranean Restaurant, but it is also open late at night. Pergola restaurant is in Koreatown, on 36 W 28th St.

The reason I put that in here, was because there was a good hookah. (If you have read my previous posts, or follow me on Instagram then it is not a surprise. Right?! 😁)

The price range for the food, drinks, and hookah was also very reasonable. And the candles on the table and overall homey feeling (fancy homey, if you know what I mean πŸ˜…) made the evening there very enjoyable!

Oh those nights in NY… 😍

KaΓ±a Tapas Bar

Last but not least. We actually were in KaΓ±a Tapas Bar place for a very short time. As it was so damn packed! πŸ₯² It is like a very chill & easygoing place, with rather cheap prices. It is like the place you go after a club. It is not a fancy place but fits well to be the last stop before hitting home.

Latin music was on and people were really enjoying themselves over there & dancing, even though it was so little space in there. πŸ’ƒ
It was also in Soho, on 324 Spring St.

So little nightlife tips for the New York, from my last trip. And of course, there are tons of more! So if anyone has some questions or need some more suggestions then I am more than happy to suggest many more cool places to check out! ✨
Forever my favorite 😍 πŸ™

After all, as I always love to say: ”Everything you can dream of, or you can’t dream of, you can find in New York… πŸ’• ” – Triinu ∞

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