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Vacation in Estonia

When a place has been your home for almost all of your life, then it is so weird to say that I will have a vacation over there.. πŸ˜… But as we haven’t lived in Estonia for already 8 months (wow, okay, it already seems a long time πŸ€”), then it feels to be the right thing to say.. πŸ₯²

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Corona travels, eh?


“Fuckin’ corona sa ajad mind jooma, corona, corona, corona!” πŸ™„ Β 
(In translation – “Fuckin’ corona you make me wanna drink, corona, corona, corona!” – listen here! // Virtual greetings to my awesome and talented friends Mariliis & Ollie! 😍 //)

As you might think then almost for three months no traveling at all. Nothing. No where. Only bedroom, bathroom, kitchen.. Quarantine routine much, eh. Well, alright of course some strolling around the forests has been made, but that’s kinda all..

BUT at least I managed to finally go to my home island, Saaremaa, last week, to visit my family. Wohoo! πŸ₯³ πŸ™Œ

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